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Health & Wealth: Healthcare Planning and Open Enrollment Season

A lot has happened this year, so it’s easy to miss that healthcare open enrollment season is upon us. Starting from November 1st through December 15th, this is the open enrollment window for individual and marketplace plans, though other related plans (such as employer-sponsored and Medicare) also usually fall within this window. In this blog,

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Homeschooling During COVID-19 and Beyond

If this feels like the most dreaded Back to School season for you as a parent, you’re not alone. Between the risks of COVID-19 and the stresses of choosing between remote learning and hybrid, many parents are looking for temporary or permanent alternatives to traditional schooling. With many parents working from home or becoming stay-at-home

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Think You’re Well Diversified? Think Again. 

By Benjamin Beck, CFP® Every day people come to us with a stack of statements from wherever they’re investing, whether it’s a no-load fund, or a large wirehouse or some other wealth management firm. Their holdings invariably include a wide-ranging mix of mutual funds, ETFs (exchange traded funds), bonds, some stocks, etc. The prospective client may say something to the effect of “…my portfolio is not doing well, or not doing well enough,” and look at us expectantly for a

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Making a Safe and Successful Transition in Quarantine

It may feel like COVID-19 has put everything on hold and made some underlying problems worse. If you’re a financial advisor, you might be feeling this, as your current firm’s challenges are only exacerbated by the pandemic. We offer what we hope to be some inspiration and advice for those looking to make a successful

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Ask me why we don’t believe in investing in bonds. Ever.

By Benjamin Beck, CFP® When people meet us for the first time, one of the things that are most surprised to learn is that we don’t invest in bonds. Not ever. I love it when they ask why not, because it gives me a chance to explain how having bonds in your portfolio can cost

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3 Things Wirehouse Advisors Need to Know Before Breaking Away

In the financial advisory and investment world, Wirehouses are the franchises of the industry. Morgan Stanley, Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch, or UBS: there’s a lot to be said for an established framework and the support that comes from these big names. But they can also be hard to advance in and extremely limited when

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Business Ethics in the Wealth Management Industry

In any industry, business ethics need to be a critical part of both the ethos and the contractual obligations they have both internally and externally. However, in the wealth management industry in particular, you have several thorny ethical issues that can affect both client-advisor relations as well as the fiduciary duty of the firm. We’re

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Tales from Beck Bode: What to Do If You are a Victim of Fraud

Financial planning and wealth management is more than investments and managing funds, it’s also being aware and ready for a financial crisis. While many risks are accidental or internal, others are targeted maliciously against you. Part of financial preparedness is education and planning for fraud prevention because even now, in this time of crisis, criminals

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Looking Past the Current Stock Market Volatility is Key

If you’ve got any money in the markets, you’ve probably had your eyes glued to the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and the S&P 500. We know we have. It’s been a rollercoaster of ebbs and tides, with drops that dip historically and sudden spikes of activity – both buying and selling. We want off this ride

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Resources for Financial Advisors During and After the Coronavirus

Saying these last two months have been trying would be an understatement. Beyond the struggles we all share of quarantine life – cabin fever, boredom (or alternatively, no breaks for essential and frontline workers), and a lack of flattering haircuts – those in the world of wealth management and financial planning have had the market’s

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