Image of the COVID-19 virus superimposed over a financial graph.

Why You Need to Continue Your Financial Plan During COVID-19

Things right now seem crazy: this pandemic has had ripples across all parts of our lives. Panic toilet paper buying, closed businesses, insane Facebook relatives, and cabin fever are only half of it: the reason you clicked on this blog is the other half. We are seeing financial instability across the board, with bull and

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Why Wealth Management Is About So Much More Than Retirement

What if I told you to stop thinking about a retirement date when considering your personal financial plan? What if I told you that investing isn’t just about retiring and living happily ever after? Here are three reasons why: 1. You’re healthy, but inflation is killing you. Quit planning like you die at retirement.  Throw

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Watch out for IRMAA – Who’s that, you ask?

The Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount, referred to as IRMAA, can come as a surprise to some retirees.  The standard Part B Medicare premium in 2018 is $134.  What most people don’t know is that as retirees they may end up paying a significant surcharge on their Medicare Part B and Part D (Drug benefit) premiums. This is a result of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 (which took effect in 2007) affecting Medicare Part B

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What I learned from my kitchen remodel.

New visitors to our home frequently comment on our kitchen, specifically on how great it looks. We had it built a few years ago. While my wife and I graciously accept the compliments, every time I hear someone ‘ooh and aah’ over it, secretly I cringe. It’s not that it’s not beautiful – to the

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PLEASE, just tell me the truth!

The other day, a friend told me about a relative who had suffered from a heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, the man was treated in time and is now home in recovery. Even so, it was a shock to everyone as no one was aware that he had any

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