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Beck Bode: Invest With Clarity [VIDEO]

[featured-video-plus] During our work in large scale global firms, we found the secret to making money is hidden behind closed doors. At Beck Bode Wealth Management, we don’t keep our clients in the dark. Our proven success comes from a personal relationship, built on two-way communication. We learn about our customer’s values, and they learn

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John Madden’s Winning Advice

Good investment advice doesn’t always come from financial advisors. It can come from anywhere, even from someone like John Madden. The legendary former Super Bowl-winning coach of the Oakland Raiders once commented on the so-called “prevent defense,” a strategy sometimes used by football teams to prevent the offense from completing a long pass or gain

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Auto-pilot is for airplanes, not 401(k) plans

Businesses that offer their workers a 401(k) plan for their retirement deserve a pat on the back for being responsible, corporate citizens and for helping their employees who seek to build up a good nest egg for their golden years. But they’re doing their workers no favors by leaving most of the decisions about how

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Why Your Portfolio Should Look Like an All-Star Team

“Diversification” is a frequently used buzzword in investment management. The idea is that an investment portfolio should contain a wide range of products where the goal is to maximize return and minimize risk. It’s the “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” approach to investing, and in many cases seems to make perfect sense.

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A Higher Education in College Planning

The Harold Alfond Foundation recently announced an expansion of its college savings program. It now will give every baby born in Maine a $500 grant, which is invested in a 529 college savings account for future college costs. Sounds great, right? Who would say no to free money, especially when it’s for something as important

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Does “Safety” of Principal make sense for you?

You are about to retire, or thinking about it anyway. You’ve just sold your business, or perhaps some of your investment property, and you are now sitting on a rather large pool of money. You don’t want to work anymore . . . better put, you don’t want to have to work anymore. How do

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