Adam McDonald

Client Relationship Associate

My path to financial services, and specifically to Beck Bode had much to do with my previous career as a mental health counselor to kids. As a mental health practitioner I observed that many of the measures we were taking to treat our patients were simply Band-Aids; they didn’t address the root issue. I also noticed how financial issues exacerbated situations. What I know for a fact is that you don’t have to be challenged with mental health issues, or poverty, to be financially illiterate. Many highly educated and high functioning people don’t have a handle on their finances, either.

That got me to thinking about changing gears to a line of work that would help people ‘get better’ in a different, more fundamental way. I wanted to explore paths that provided opportunities for empowerment. Personal finance is an essential part of life. I am driven to learn more about it in order to help myself, my family, and the people around me.

My day-to-day role at Beck Bode consists of supporting Bill Ryan’s practice, and in providing operational support to the entire Beck Bode team. While I’m not a financial advisor (or at least, not yet), I very much enjoy working in an environment that helps people take control of their future in a measured and systematic way. And, I still get to help people.

What I love most about Beck Bode is the combination of analytics and empathy. Here we look at problems through an analytic, data based lens… and we show our hearts while we are doing it. Our mindset is that big goals require commitment, and that small, incremental steps go a long way. There’s no secret to it, you can apply it to investing, fitness, diet or anything else you’re committed to achieving. The people here are amazing: it’s hard not to get excited when you work with a team like ours!

Credentials and Other Trivia
  • My undergraduate degree is from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada)
  • I’m a triplet, and no, we’re not identical
  • In my spare time, I like to play guitar and hike
  • I’m working out to get ready to work out with the Beck Bode team
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