Joining Beck Bode is a kind of homecoming for me on several levels. My entire career has been in financial services; I’m third generation in this line of work. Right after I graduated college, I obtained the necessary licenses and followed into my grandfather and father’s footsteps, both of whom were financial advisors.

Eventually I veered course and chose to become a mutual fund advisor consultant. I worked at several large financial institutions and called on hundreds of financial advisors. Had I not gone into consulting, I would have likely never met Ben Beck and Jim Bode. I knew them before they discovered their strategy and decided to launch their own firm. It’s been over fifteen years now.

Some time back I realized that the thing I love most about our work is connecting with people, and playing a role in their lives. Staring at a screen is just not for me. So I decided to leave consulting and go back into what had brought me so much joy in the first place: doing one on one work with people who wanted to accomplish a financial goal.

I reached out to Ben and Jim, and spent several months speaking with them about an opportunity with their firm. You can see how it ended. Here I am, full circle, back to where I started as a financial advisor.

But I am also in a decidedly different place. I have seen (and participated in) how most of the financial world makes financial products and packages them to clients. What we do here is something entirely distinctive and counter to conventional approaches. The Beck Bode philosophy is simple, easy to understand, and cost-effective. I’m excited to share it with my world!

My work is focused on families and multi-generational families. It’s a space I know well, and where I know I can have most impact. Family plays an important role in my life, too. My wife, Betsy and I have four children. We live in Concord, Massachusetts. In my spare time I enjoy skiing, golf and tennis with our kids.

Credentials and Other Trivia
  • I graduated from Miami University (Ohio) with a double major in Political Science and Diplomacy & Foreign Affairs
  • I chose to live in Concord, MA because of its historical and literary significance, its community, and its focus on quality education.
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