For years I had been testing some thoughts I had about investment management. One of the things I noticed in my research was that most people who are diversified in the traditional sense find themselves to be over-diversified, which in reality dilutes their returns. I observed some other things, too, with regard to bond and stock exposures. When I heard about Beck Bode and discovered that they were successfully implementing a similar strategy I was very excited! It was both rare and encouraging. Then I read the book upon which the Beck Bode Strategy is based, and I knew I had to be a part of this firm.

I’m not new to the world of investments. I started in the industry in 2006 as a customer service rep for a large national provider and worked my way up. I was promoted step by step as I learned more and earned my securities licenses. Eventually I became an investment advisor to 26 schools and hospitals, then a corporate trainer, and ultimately landed in a leadership role, responsible for advisor development throughout the entire New England region. I left in 2018 to start my own registered advisory firm. I joined Beck Bode in 2020.

I never dreamt that I would become a financial planner. My personal experience was that money was one of the biggest causes of anxiety and frustrations in my life, and I know many people who would concur with that viewpoint. I’ve seen how deeply finances impact people, relationships, even our entire country. I was driven to learn as much about money as I possibly could so one day I could support my own family but also help others do the same and hopefully allow them live a more balanced life.

I love working with entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors and other practice owners, real estate agents – anyone who has an uneven cash flow and can benefit from planning. I know how important my family is to me, so helping other people budget, plan and build their business while also focusing on the wealth that is their family is extremely important to me.

My wife and I own a fitness facility in Massachusetts, where she also offers nutrition programming. Our lives are based around helping other people. We get so much fulfillment out of it that it creates its own energy sometimes. I like to think of myself as a fitness and financial advisor because I think it all plays together: what you eat, how you exercise, and your view on finances, all of it. Practicing wellness means looking at the overall picture. And for me, that picture starts with family.

Credentials and Other Trivia
  • I teach Financial Planning at Rivier University in Nashua, New Hampshire
  • MSF, University of Georgia, Masters in Financial Planning, 2018
  • Certificate in Financial Planning, Boston University, 2015
  • BA, University of Southern New Hampshire, Economics & Finance, 2012
  • United States National Guard, 1999-2007
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