Please click on the links below to download Beck Bode LLC’s current ADV and Privacy Policy (pdf format) and the Part 2B for each Investment Advisor Representative of Beck Bode LLC.


Beck Bode Part 2A March 2021 Filing

Privacy Policy Notice

Form CRS

Part 2B- Benjamin W. Beck

Part 2B- Erik Beck

Part 2B- Eric Benz

Part 2B- James Bode

Part 2B- Jane Evelyn

Part 2B – Jethro Kollie

Part 2B – Ronald Lotti

Part 2B – Misty Lynch

Part 2B- Andrew M. Martone

Part 2B – Jeffery McCormick

Part 2B- Matthew Morizio

Part 2B- William Ryan

Part 2B- Patricia Welsh

Part 2B- Brian Wickett