Jack McManus

Jack McManus

Equity Analyst

I’ve always been fascinated by how businesses make money. I’m the kind of person who wonders “why is this store giving me a coupon…. and why specifically today?” The stock market captured my attention in college. Ever since, I have devoted my professional life to researching companies. It’s what I love to do.

I’ve been an investor my whole career – since 2002. My roles in the investment world have included that of institutional investment consultant, equity analyst, and portfolio manager. As an investment consultant I advised pension plans and endowments on manager selection and asset allocation. The common threads through all of these roles are a deep interest in what makes businesses tick, and a determination to achieve results for clients.

At Beck Bode, my job is to help to build out the investment process, research stocks day-to-day, and interact with existing and prospective clients. While Beck Bode’s investment strategy is different from the process I followed in my career as an investor, it meshes well with my way of thinking. It is clearly defined, backed by a set of criteria that make sense, and tracks companies that are making positive changes.  I believe that companies undergoing positive change can be under-appreciated by the stock market, presenting investment opportunities.

Analyzing companies is something I enjoy: it also matches my core skillset. I believe I have the right disposition for investing. When it comes to money, emotions can sometimes send us off-course. I have more of an even-keeled temperament, which can be helpful in our line of work.

I’m also super-competitive. The stock market, by definition, is highly competitive – not that we treat it like a game; we take our work very seriously here. But we also are by nature a highly competitive group of people.  That makes working at Beck Bode fun.

Beck Bode is a family-oriented place. My wife, Shilpa, and I have three children who keep me pretty engaged when I’m not researching stocks.

Credentials and Other Trivia

  • A. Economics, Duke University
  • MBA with a concentration in asset management, Boston College
  • I love to run, I’m a big sports fan, and in particular I closely follow college basketball (no surprise given where I went to school!)