Me Jane, You Screwed Up

How a Financial Advisor Can Keep You Out of Trouble with the IRS Recently I was talking with an investment advisor about what we do and how we work with clients. I mentioned that I had been following up with clients who had Solo 401ks, explaining that I have a new client who has a

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How One Financial Adviser Resolved the Thorny Issue of Succession

By Veronica Dagher Wall Street Journal March 11, 2016 5:30 a.m. ET For more than three decades, Paul Pignone of Boston Retirement Advisors LLC has helped clients prepare for later life. But the 67-year-old dragged his feet and struggled for years with his own retirement-planning challenge—finding a way to cash out of the business he built

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What can investors learn from The Big Short?

What can investors learn from The Big Short? In episode 3, Jim and Ben take an in-depth look at issues raised in the 2016 Oscar winning film The Big Short. Eight years after the 2008 housing collapse, it’s apparent that our financial market is still dominated by similar financial products like mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and

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It is time for a piece of chocolate cake

Early in the day on Feb. 11, 2016, the Dow plunged 350 points, on track to its lowest point in two years. The S&P 500 dropped almost 2%.  This was the longest losing streak since last August.  January saw the worst decline on record for the month with an 8% loss in the S&P in

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Take a deep breath…corrections are actually normal.

Don’t look now, but the panic of 2016 has begun. So far this year the markets have been pretty ugly. It probably doesn’t help that 2015 wasn’t exactly a pleasant ride for investors. The year began with six months of pretty solid returns. But by the end of December, the markets had ungraciously taken back

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fantasy football

What can successful investing teach us about Fantasy Football?

How did your fantasy football season wind up? Early exit, or, bragging rights for a year? Well, no matter how your team performed in 2015, did you know that by applying some of the same principles utilized by very successful stock market investors, you can greatly improve your Fantasy Football performance? Here’s how: Step 1.

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