Misty Lynch, CFP®

Director of Financial Planning / Financial Advisor

I think money impacts everybody. And while it’s really comfortable for me to talk about, I recognize that for some people it’s not. I’ve been told I have a good way of relating to people wherever they’re at when it comes to finances. So I’ve made it my life’s work to write about personal finance and to educate people on this critically important topic through my financial planning practice and my blog.

I’ve been a Certified Financial Planner™ since 2011. As a fee-only fiduciary and independent financial advisor, I’m passionate in my commitment to help clients make financial decisions that are in their best interest, completely commission free. At Beck Bode I continue to advise clients, introducing them to our strategy and working with them on existing and new financial plans. Through social media and other channels, I also strive to raise awareness about our work at the firm. What I love about Beck Bode is how happy everyone is to be here. It’s a really engaged environment where people are moving in the same direction, which is both refreshing and energizing.

The funny thing is, I never set out to become a financial advisor. Following my interests led me to a fascinating career where I continue to meet lots of people, and impact their lives in a significant way. Prior to joining Beck Bode I worked as Director of Compliance at John Hancock, and later I headed up their entire financial planning function. All along, I’ve been interested in leveraging public relations to reach a wider audience on the subject of personal finance. I started a blog to openly talk about money, only to find that there was a real hunger for the kinds of topics I was bringing up. My work caught the attention of national publications, which provided a platform to educate lots of people.

There aren’t too many women in the financial planning industry, so I cherish the opportunity to be a different voice and to offer a different perspective. Perhaps my presence might inspire other women (and men) to consider this line of work. I no longer feel like I need to change myself to fit a certain model of success. The beauty of my work is that I get to be me, and through my work to help others move toward fulfilling their own very unique goals.

Credentials and Other Trivia
  • University of Connecticut, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  • Pro bono life coach at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • I live with my husband and two children in Walpole, MA
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Do you want more money and success but hate talking about it? I'm Misty Lynch - Certified Financial Planner®, Certified Life Coach, and host of Modern Money with Misty Lynch. Join me and my expert guests each week for unforgettable conversations about money, success and business. In every episode we share small steps you can take right now to elevate your wealth.

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