Dissatisfied with the status quo and bold enough to break ties with it.

In our view, the vast majority of advisors in the industry are good people who just don't know what they're doing. They end up selling funds they don’t understand. There’s no logic to any of their buy and sell decisions. All they do is sell a product. 

If only it weren’t for the fact that they’re playing with your hard-earned cash, it would be easier not to fault them for it. Because most advisors just don’t know better. And the ones that do know better yet sell things they don’t believe in themselves, they’re clearly no good, either. Regardless, all of this bad news for investors.

When Ben and Jim joined forces to form Beck Bode, they did it with the intention of breaking with about every convention held by traditional firms. Both of them had substantial experience at large global firms, and they could see how traditional ways of financial planning and investment management were detrimental to the longterm financial health of their clients. 

Beck Bode was born with the desire to do something creative with broad positive impact on everyone. It came with the intention to no longer settle. With it came the obligation to show clients another, better way to plan and save for a long, fruitful life. Ben and Jim walk their own talk, with a dedicated commitment to discipline not only with regard to finances, but also to fitness and family.




The Beck Bode Promise




Proven Methodology:

Everything we do is based on a process that’s time-tested. Through our methodology, we can reliably answer the three questions that elude so many investors: what to buy, when to sell, and how to re-invest the proceeds. All we care about is great companies that are simply
getting better.



Take the Long View:

Our approach is focused on the long term. We don’t follow fads and trends, we don’t time getting in and out of the market, nor do we pay much attention to the outside world. Our singular focus is on the strategies that support your goals.




A plan is the foundation we set for reaching any financial goal. Before we engage in the markets in any way, we make sure to take our clients through the financial planning process. The outcome of those conversations becomes your GPS, the navigation tool to your destination.

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