Pen with business report on financial advisor's desk.

Resources for Financial Advisors During and After the Coronavirus

Saying these last two months have been trying would be an understatement. Beyond the struggles we all share of quarantine life – cabin fever, boredom (or alternatively, no breaks for essential and frontline workers), and a lack of flattering haircuts – those in the world of wealth management and financial planning have had the market’s

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Image of the COVID-19 virus superimposed over a financial graph.

Why You Need to Continue Your Financial Plan During COVID-19

Things right now seem crazy: this pandemic has had ripples across all parts of our lives. Panic toilet paper buying, closed businesses, insane Facebook relatives, and cabin fever are only half of it: the reason you clicked on this blog is the other half. We are seeing financial instability across the board, with bull and

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Beck Bode LLC – 2020 Q1 Commentary

Read our latest quarterly commentary which highlights Beck Bode’s principles of goal-focused portfolio management and how these goals remain unchanged. The second part of the commentary, is a deeper dive into our current observations and how 2018 and 2019 were dramatically outstanding years for the American economy and for corporate earnings and dividends.

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