12/10 No BondCast LIVE – Holiday Planning with Misty and Angel

  WATCH NOW Misty Lynch, Director of Financial Planning / Financial Advisor,  and Angel Williams, Director of Client Relationships, sat down on Thursday, December 10th for the last No BondCast Live of 2020. Misty and Angel will be discuss: – The differences of this year vs previous years – Not overspending to make up for

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Financial Planning: Budgeting During the Holidays (and After)

  On any given year, the holidays are stressful. But for 2020? That’s cranking it to 11. Beyond the fear and uncertainty of COVID-19, many people will feel an outsized impact this holiday season financially between employment issues and market volatility. However, you can relieve some of this financial stress by making a plan –

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No BondCast Live

11/12 No BondCast – LIVE Update with Ben and Jim

Watch NOW our Live Cast from Thursday, November 12th with Managing Partners Ben Beck and Jim Bode. The purpose of this webcast is to share with our clients and close contacts, another level of communication to provide further context in light of current market and economic conditions. During this livecast you will hear a quick update

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Open enrollment keyword surrounded by related concepts with arrows, icons, and office props.

Health & Wealth: Healthcare Planning and Open Enrollment Season

A lot has happened this year, so it’s easy to miss that healthcare open enrollment season is upon us. Starting from November 1st through December 15th, this is the open enrollment window for individual and marketplace plans, though other related plans (such as employer-sponsored and Medicare) also usually fall within this window. In this blog,

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Father Helping Child Do Homeschooling At Home.

Homeschooling During COVID-19 and Beyond

If this feels like the most dreaded Back to School season for you as a parent, you’re not alone. Between the risks of COVID-19 and the stresses of choosing between remote learning and hybrid, many parents are looking for temporary or permanent alternatives to traditional schooling. With many parents working from home or becoming stay-at-home

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Managing Partner Ben Beck of Beck Bode LLC writing on a whiteboard.

Think You’re Well Diversified? Think Again. 

By Benjamin Beck, CFP® Every day people come to us with a stack of statements from wherever they’re investing, whether it’s a no-load fund, or a large wirehouse or some other wealth management firm. Their holdings invariably include a wide-ranging mix of mutual funds, ETFs (exchange traded funds), bonds, some stocks, etc. The prospective client may say something to the effect of “…my portfolio is not doing well, or not doing well enough,” and look at us expectantly for a

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