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This isn’t set it and forget it.

You know those firms that tell you they’ll craft your portfolio to your ‘target’ retirement date? That’s not us. What about the ones that tell you they’ll custom tailor your portfolio to your risk profile? Also not us. (Allow us to debunk these myths for you.)

We don’t believe in mutual funds. We absolutely stay away from bonds. We assume that our clients are intelligent beings, not sheep (no offense to sheep). We don’t believe that anyone should be shielded from the inner workings of their portfolio. 

When you invest with us, you’ll know exactly WHY we make the moves we make.

WHAT are we buying? You’ll know it.

WHEN is it time to sell? Yup, you’ll know that too.

What do we reinvest that money into? You guessed it, that’s transparent too. 

We know that we’re all human and that there will be times when emotions get in the way of our decision-making. When that happens, we’ll be by your side. 

There’s a method to how we work, and you won’t need a PhD in anything to understand it. We teach you the method. We stick to the method, and we never deviate from it. 

If this is all too radical, maybe we’re not the right fit for you. But if you’re curious, we should talk.

Curious about learning more? Grab a free physical copy of Dancing with Analysts.

A Bold Strategy for Making the Most of Your Money

If you've been searching for a firm that won't stuff your money in bonds and count commission checks, then you're in luck! You finally found us. There's a reason we have a show called the No Bondcast - it's because we genuinely take a radical approach to making the most of your investments.

We're not just a bunch of old guys in stuffy shirts - we have a truly diverse team dedicated to helping you conquer the ever-changing world. We say it on the homepage, but it bears repeating - that the lifestyle you've worked for is within reach.

When We Say Strategy, We Mean It

Beck Bode's investment road map is backed by hundreds of hours of research and testing that brought us to its 3 clear parts: knowing what to buy, knowing *when* to sell, and knowing how to reinvest your money after you sell a stock. It's not a guessing game - and we truly have it down to an art.

Our strategy has nothing to do with the price of a stock going up or down on a given day and a lot more to do with why stock prices fluctuate. We keep a gripping pulse on companies to watch - and pivot our moves in real-time to promote the best possible outcome for you, the client.

How to Get Started (3 Steps)


You schedule here to make sure we're a fit.


We create and agree on your personalized game plan: its risks and rewards to make sure it's what you're looking for.


We keep you informed with the moves we make so you are always in the know.


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