Discerning about what we consume, what we believe, and whom we follow.

We don’t live normal, average, everyday lives, and we don’t dispense traditional money advice, either. We challenge conventional wisdom. We don’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done for tradition’s sake. We don’t believe in being counter-conventional simply to be different. There’s a method to the way we work, and we’ll teach you every bit of it.

If you’ve bought into myth of “letting the professionals handle your money,” you’ve invested in a scheme that profits from your ignorance. The trouble with saving for retirement is that there is no do-over, you get one crack at it. When you’re 75 or 65 even, you don’t get to realize your financial mishaps and start all over. Time is not a renewable resource. This is a sobering thought. 

You need to hire a firm that is 100% transparent about everything it does – from buying, to holding, to selling. You also need a firm that sees planning as the foundation for everything that pertains to your financial future. We do.

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