What's Driving Your Financial Decisions – Strategy or Fear?


Dissatisfied with the state of your investments and bold enough to try a different way?

You’re not here by coincidence. Chances are you are either dissatisfied with the current level of financial guidance you are receiving, or perhaps you always had a vision to do something different with your life.


Regardless of whether your vision of the future is crystal clear or still emerging, you’re unafraid of taking a different path to get there. That includes taking a different path to planning for and investing in your financial future. 


What will it take to get there? You’ll need to be bold, disciplined, and committed to the long term. You’ll need to be curious and discerning. You’ll need to surround yourself with people who see the world the same way as you do.


How do you live a long life - and live it well?

At Beck Bode, we welcome those who relentlessly pursue their vision the way we do. We don’t shy away from big goals - yours or ours. Family, health and holistic fitness are high on our list of priorities. What’s the point of saving money if you can’t live long enough and healthfully enough to enjoy it?


Perhaps you’re wondering, “How?” How does one plan for a long life? And how does one afford to live it well? The short answer is, “You’re better off not going it alone.” You may also benefit from reading the book that changed our lives, and that has the potential to change yours.

“Let's remember that financial success relies on solid research, a proven strategy, patience, and the humility to recognize we are human, and thus hardwired to stray from the path to our dreams."

Benjamin Beck, CFP®

Co-Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer


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Crypto Meltdown



Latest Episode

Crypto Meltdown




If you've ever fantasized about what you would do if you won the lottery, here is a story you will never forget...
This book changed our lives and it may just change yours, too.