Andy Martone

Financial Advisor

About Andy

I’ve been working in finance for close to three decades. I’ve known Ben and Jim for years, because they used to be my clients, and I remember really enjoying my interactions with them. They always cajoled me to join them, but somehow it never happened.

A relative of mine was laid off in the tech field, and asked me to recommend a financial advisor. The first name that came to mind was Beck Bode. He met with them and loved their approach. I thought to myself, “If I like calling on these guys from my side of the desk, and this family member likes them from his side of the desk, why wouldn’t I give this a shot and see what it would be like to work together?” It was as simple as that.

I get to connect with people about one of the most important topics in their life, their financial future. What gets me fired up today is the same thing that got me excited about this field to begin with. It’s getting positive feedback from our clients, knowing that our work is really helping people move forward in their lives. That’s fulfilling to me.

I used to play hockey professionally, and I carry with me many of the lessons from being a high-performance athlete: to be coachable, to keep the end goal in mind, and to always remember that it takes more than one person to get you to the finish line. Everyone at Beck Bode is here to help everyone else. I’m thrilled to be a part of this winning, high-energy team.

When I’m not passionately sharing the Beck Bode story with prospective clients, financial institutions and other advisors, you’ll find me volunteering as a hockey coach for the Boston Junior Bruins. My wife, Carolyn, and I live on Cape Cod. We have two sons in college.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English, Salem State University, Massachusetts