Emma Leahy

Executive Assistant
Emma Leahy - Dedham

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About Emma

I’m an Executive Assistant to the leadership team in our Newport, Rhode Island office. I am a Newport native who is lucky enough to both work and live by the sea!
My major in college was Family Studies with a concentration in child advocacy. I have always been interested in the wellbeing of others and spent time working as a social worker post-college. After moving to Boston, I transitioned into the financial field and began my administrative career.
As I made my way back to my home state, I was introduced to Beck Bode. Upon meeting the team, I was eager to learn about the opportunity to assist the Newport team. I think what draws me to a support role is my desire to establish structure and organization for others. I’ve always been this way: I like to host people, to make them comfortable, and ensure everyone feels seen. I also love to create order, streamline processes, and check things off list. The combination of these things helps me do my job well.
What I loved about Beck Bode from the start was the people. Everyone is kind, welcoming and I feel that my voice is heard and respected. I appreciate being included in a way that is sincere, and I enjoy being part of a team. I feel that BeckBode is supportive of my personal growth, and encourages me to explore new opportunities, such as Human Resources, which is a field that interests me greatly.
In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach, exploring the East Coast, and trying new restaurants. Cooking, baking, and running are also activities I love to participate in. I enjoy spending time and making memories with my friends and family many of whom live locally.