Erik Beck 

Financial Advisor

About Erik

In 2006 my brother, Ben, sent me a book to read when I was working as a firefighter and EMT in Atlanta. My first thought was “Who has time to read?” Ben said, “You need to read this, because this is how I’m managing money for my clients, this is how I’m managing your IRA and mom and dad’s retirement.” He pressured me for about eight months, until I finally gave in.

This book got me so fired up, that I decided to get into the financial field. I’d gone to college, I’d worked in large corporations, and I had managed an NHL regulation practice facility for the Atlanta Thrashers, but this was a challenge that felt connected to my life purpose: to be of service to others.

After a few years at a large financial firm, I joined Ben and Jim at Beck Bode. I can summarize for you what it is that I love about Beck Bode:

  • Our philosophy is simple – no smoke, no mirrors
  • Our method is fully transparent
  • Fifty years of industry data support the validity of our approach
  • It challenges the status quo and delivers results
  • Most importantly, our work serves people and helps make lives better

It is my world view that when it comes to money (or anything for that matter), we have to be good stewards of what we’ve been given. It is our responsibility to go the extra mile for people and to put others ahead of ourselves. This philosophy informs everything I do.

Outside of work, I’m deeply invested in my faith community. I like playing tennis and hockey, and I’m always on the lookout for a beautiful coastline and a good stretch of sand.