James Bode

Managing Partner

About James

I always knew I wanted to be part of something big, something that would exist beyond me, a reason for being that was more than a paycheck. Beck Bode is the answer to that quest.

It has taken so much hard work, time and energy to realize our dream for this firm. I will tell you, it’s easier to embark on a project like this when you have something to believe in – whether it’s your faith, your family, your investment philosophy, your business partner, or all of the above, in my case.

My family, friends and clients know that I love to be of service. I’ve been drawn to the ‘helping professions’ ever since I can remember. Before I chose to go into financial services, I seriously considered becoming a teacher.

The beauty of the work we do here at Beck Bode is that it allows me to give in so many ways. It includes educating people, being a good listener, and sharing the benefit of decades of experience in financial planning. I’m privileged to have insight into many lives, and proud that our work truly does open doors for people to achieve lifelong goals.

My passion for service also draws me to non-profits – occasionally through my work, and frequently outside it. I get great fulfillment from volunteering with JDRF and United Methodist Church.

I’m crazy about my family: they are my first priority. My wife, Crista and I are raising three young children. “Family first” is a value we share as a firm.

If I had to come up with a few words I strive to live by, I would say: “Do good. Do no harm.” If I can live up to this principle on any given day, then I can count it as a day well lived.

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