Joan waters

Client Services Manager
Joan Waters - Salem

About Joan

Years ago, I started out in the financial services industry as a Client Services Specialist, working for brokerage firms that offered executive and employee benefits. As I made various job changes throughout my career, I found that I was drawn to small firms because of their strong emphasis on establishing close-knit relationships with their customers, which I found to be personally very rewarding. Smaller firms offered greater flexibility, which is good for both clients and employees. The rigidity of the large corporate structure was just not appealing to me. The small firm allows each person to have a large impact on the client experience.

I originally joined Boston Retirment Advisors, which became part of Beck Bode in 2015. The fact that we remain a boutique firm with such a strong focus on client service is a major reason why I have stayed here. I love working on this team: we are professional, yet the intention is to create a casual, caring, and family-friendly environment that puts clients at ease. We want clients to feel that no question is unimportant.

It is my strong belief that providing great client service is the best “product” that a company can offer its customers. Whether it is financial services, or any other type of business, it is great service that leads clients to stay and refer others to the business.

When people ask me what personal attributes I think are the most important in delivering top notch client services, I tell them that it’s being self-disciplined and consistent in all you do, being detail-oriented and diligent with time management, and last but certainly not least, making clients feel like family. It is my daily goal is to strive to reflect each of these traits to the highest quality level possible here.