Josh Plosker

Director of Strategic Partnerships

About Josh

At Beck Bode, the founders believe that a commitment to financial health and a commitment to physical wellbeing go hand in hand. As an investor and owner-operator in the fitness industry, I certainly appreciate the synergies between these two fields. My role at Beck Bode entails connecting with industry leaders and CEOs to facilitate the delivery of financial and physical wellness strategies to their stakeholders.

I appreciate the intense analysis that goes into the Beck Bode strategy. As a client, it’s made clear to you where your money is being invested, why and when to sell something, and what to buy next. You don’t end up in some hugely diversified portfolio, like at any number of mutual funds where the wins of successful companies are washed out by the losses of others. Before I got into the health and fitness field, I worked for a real estate investment company that was acquiring industrial properties and office buildings around the U.S. Real estate acquisitions and finance is an exciting field that uses analysis to uncover opportunity, much like the work we do here at Beck Bode. Over the years I’ve developed deep relationships with people in all areas of business. On a personal and professional level, it energizes me to create opportunities for success in partnership with individuals who pride themselves on living at an optimum level.

I met Jim and Ben at Northeastern. I played football with Jim, and Ben played baseball at the same time. Being in the athletic department so much, we naturally became friends. About ten years after college, in the midst of the downturn in 2009, I decided to pursue a long-held entrepreneurial dream. I opened my first business, a CrossFit gym called Invictus Boston, in 2012 and expanded into three facilities over the course of the decade. Since both Ben and Jim are athletes and passionate supporters of my business, they have worked out at my gym since the first week I opened the doors.

Given my work experience, I know plenty of people in the same spheres as Ben and Jim, but I’ve chosen to join forces with Ben and Jim specifically because of the way they treat people. It parallels the way I built my business, namely from a quality standpoint. When I launched my gyms, I consciously made a choice to charge a premium for incredible service, knowledgeable coaches and a thoughtfully designed program customized to the needs of our members. I believe that Beck Bode is run the same way. It’s not for everyone. It’s about finding the right people for this investment platform: people who are willing to look at life differently, through the lens of opportunity.

  • I love to read – especially about health and longevity, and finance. It’s how I start my day, every day.
  • MS, Real Estate Finance, New York University (2006)
  • BA, Art and Architecture, Northeastern University (2002)

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