Founder & Managing Partner

About Paul

I started my own firm, Boston Retirement Advisors, in 1982. It was an interesting time, when I first started in this field. Financial planning, as a discipline, was really young. Most financial advisors were compensated through sales commissions. Fee-only planning was almost unheard of, and those who knew of it were loath to give up their commissions to “do right” by the client.

I’ve always done things a little differently. So when I launched Boston Retirement Advisors, I decided to forego commissions-based compensation. I actively disregarded sales quotas demanded by broker dealers, and chose to forgo the vacations and other gimmicks used to reward advisors for promoting their products. I believe those types of compensation arrangements interfere with honest, trusting advisor-client relationships.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®), and a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the primary professional organization for financial planners who operate on a “fee-only” basis. NAPFA has received the support of the AARP, the Consumer Federation of America, and several state regulators for its efforts on disclosure issues.

My decision to go “fee-only” from the start truly paid off for me. It wasn’t about the money, it was about working with a clear conscience, and being able to provide objective, untainted advice. Over the years, the firm grew – mostly by referral, as people sought financial advisors who were compensated using a fee-only model. I added to that a warm, welcoming environment that showed we really care (which we do!). It was a recipe for doing well by doing good. What a blessing. I’m so proud of the decades-long relationships we have cultivated, and the continuous stream of clients we are fortunate to help year-in and year-out.

In 2015, after an extensive four-year search, I identified Beck Bode as a suitable partner for the business continuation strategy for my firm. While I remain engaged and active in Boston Retirement Advisors, I wanted to ensure the continuity of the practice for future generations, and to provide clients with enhanced resources, broader expertise and a bigger support team. Jim and Ben are the perfect partners. Again, what a blessing to have found such good, competent, family-oriented partners who sincerely care for our clients. It gives me great comfort and pleasure to know that our firm is in the best of hands.

  • Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and indulging in competitive streaks on the tennis court.
  • I split my time between homes and offices in New Hampshire and Florida
  • I have earned degrees in business and education
  • I have three children, four grandchildren, and four step-grandchildren