Roxanne O'donoghue

Operations Support

About Roxanne

I have the very special position of Gratitude Officer in our practice, where I support Jim and Karen O’Donoghue by nurturing heartfelt connections with our clients. Some years ago, we were temporarily without an office manager, so my husband, Jim O’Donoghue, asked if I would help out while we searched for a permanent replacement. One of the responsibilities I was tasked with at that point was to help Jim and Karen stay in contact with clients. 

It would be accurate to say that the role I play today started out with a desire to acknowledge important events in our client’s lives: happy events like birthdays, the arrival of a child, weddings, graduations and retirements. Of course, we also wanted to acknowledge the more challenging aspects of life, by providing support when there was illness, loss, and grief. Eventually we realized that it would take a dedicated person to tend to our client base. Gratitude officer makes sense as a title because my job is to show our clients we care about them, every single day.

I also make sure I take good care of our team, so that they are energized and feel connected to each other. I host regular get-togethers for our team in our office in beautiful Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Even though we all work in the same building, we still benefit from an office happy hour to unwind and catch up on how everyone is doing.  

I’ve held so many different jobs in the past – from running my own childcare business, to working as an executive assistant, a dental assistant, and travel agent. The common thread among these varied roles is a sincere care for people, which I am grateful to bring to this role, too. 

When our firm, Compass Rose Private Investment Management, merged with Beck Bode in 2021, it was reassuring to discover that Beck Bode is committed to a similar client experience philosophy. We appreciate how professional, down-to-earth, and welcoming they have been to us, and look forward to working as a unified team.

Outside of work, I have plenty of interests and five grandchildren that demand my attention! I love spending time with family and working in my garden.

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