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    Market Uncertainty

    What To Do In A Bear Market As You’re Approaching Retirement

    All the talk in the news about whatever the headline is today, provides plenty of fodder for people to worry. These days the headlines may be inflation and interest rates, or the range of active conflicts that are in motion throughout the world. As financial advisors, we are in some way the first line of defense against whatever the last thing is that our clients heard. That ‘last thing’ could have been a conversation with their brother-in-law, their neighbor, or some opinion piece they watched on cable news or read about in their social feed. 

    How to Prevent Financial Mistakes In A Volatile Market

    “We must manage our behavior to meet our objectives. Excellence is not an act, but a habit. We are...

    6 Investment Myths Standing Between You & Long-Term Success

    At Beck Bode, so much of our work relies on dispelling widely held though unproductive (I would go...

    Smart Investment Strategies for a Bear Market

    How do you prepare for a bear market? You don’t. Preparing for a bear market would mean you know...

    Investment Advice During Market Uncertainty: What Should I Do?

    Recently, our family got bikes. From that day forward — whether it was to the gym in the morning or...