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    From the Desk of the Chief Investment Officer

    Will your team win? A Story the Super Bowl Can Teach All Investors As a lifelong athlete and a huge fan of competitive sports, I can’t help but think of professional football as a backdrop to this newsletter in early 2023. Even if football isn’t your thing, what I am about to share has lots in common with what’s going on in the economy and in the markets these days.

    2022 Q3 Newsletter - Sweet Are The Uses Of Adversity

    As we plod through our third bear market in four years, there’s a certain weariness that’s set in....

    2021 Q3 Newsletter – Fundamentals

    There’s a saying in aviation, "There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots. But there are no...

    2021 Q1 Newsletter – Lessons Learned

    Dear Clients,   It’s rare that we see a year – both in the markets and in the broader economy –...