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    Alternatives to 529 Plans You Need To Consider

    One of the keys to effective college savings is to set aside money early in your children’s lives, to make the best use of long-term compounded rates of return. The earlier you begin to invest, the better. But, while starting early is important, where are you putting those hard-earned savings? Many families turn to 529 plans.

    Don't Buy Bonds Without Understanding the Risks

    When people meet us for the first time, one of the things that they are most surprised to learn is...

    Are Bonds a Good Investment Right Now?

    When markets are as turbulent as they are in 2022, it’s normal for investors to want to protect...

    How To Manage Debt: Should I Pay It Off or Invest?

    Many people have an unhealthy relationship with debt, especially credit card debt. Debt can keep...