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    The 2 Biggest Reasons To Question Traditional Investing Strategies

    Thanks to technology, many people are able now to work from anywhere in the world at any time. They don’t need to drive to a workplace, put in the time, and eventually enjoy life in retirement. This was an idea popularized decades ago — you may have read about it in The Four Hour Workweekby Tim Ferris — but it was the pandemic that really drove it home.

    Factoring Private School Funding Into Your Financial Equation?

    My wife Crista and I are in an interesting spot regarding the education of our children. We have...

    Is It Possible To Achieve True Wealth in Your Lifetime?

    Lately, I’ve been asking myself, “What is the true definition of wealth?”

    The Effects of Inflation

    Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, and they say something that strikes you as...

    The Key to Financial Success: Capturing the Power of Disruption

    When I think of the driving force behind the work we do at Beck Bode, which is “to act for the...

    How to Choose a Financial Advisor: Ask the Right Questions

    Recently, I was in a conversation with somebody who lives in my town. Knowing what I do for a...

    What Does Living Well Mean to You?

    When I think about “living well,” the first thing I notice is that for me, living well has very...

    The Financial Playbook for Tackling Market Volatility

    Usually on the weekends , it’s movie night at the Beck House. I really enjoy inspirational sports...

    How to Combat Inflation? Patience and Planning Are Key

    We often talk about the characteristics of successful investors.

    Why Historical Performance Shouldn't Determine Your Next Investment Decision

    I was fortunate to be near the water for a period of time this past summer. I like to be out in the...
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