Meet the Dedham Team


The good things in life are worth the attention we give them.

Instant gratification isn’t our thing. We’re committed to all the important things in life: things that take time to blossom. Things that need commitment and constant attention. Like raising a family, achieving optimal physical, mental and emotional fitness, and working toward the realization of big financial dreams. 

Our team is comprised of people who see life through the same lens. At some level, we all share a passion for fitness, family and finance. Above all, we are in this because of our commitment to something way bigger – a desire to do good for our families, our communities and our clients. 

Benjamin Beck, CFP®
Managing Partner / Chief Investment Officer
James Bode
Managing Partner
Dan Kline
Angel Williams
Director of Client Relationships
Josh Plosker
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Meg Curry, CFP®
Director Financial Planning / Operations Support
Haley Pence
Client Relationship Associate
Sara Daly
Portfolio Operations Associate
Vincent Savio
Director of Operations, Newport
Erik Beck
Financial Advisor
Jane Evelyn, CFP®
Financial Advisor
Jethro Kollie
Financial Advisor
Andy Martone
Financial Advisor
Jeff McCormick
Financial Advisor
Matt Morizio
Financial Advisor
Brian Wickett
Financial Advisor
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