Ian Mcconnell

Client Relationship Associate

About Ian

I’ve been around money my whole life. In many ways, it’s not surprising that one day I’d end up working in this field. Growing up I was always around large quantities of cash, because that was our family business: my parents owned an ATM company. Ever since I was a little kid, I was obsessed with saving. Though I entered college undecided about entering the field of finance, it was an economics professor who sparked my interest in the markets, so I finally decided to dive in.

As I took introductory and later advanced classes, I felt drawn to the analytics in corporate finance and other quantitative subjects. I imagined I’d become a trader at some point, but it was during an internship with a small financial firm in my junior year that I learned how much I enjoy the client interaction aspect.

I graduated from Providence College with degrees in Economics and Finance. Initially, I worked for an investment firm where I provided operations support to several CPAs. I also spent some time helping in our family business – doing inventory management, administrative support and even sales – because my family needed the help at the time. Then, an opportunity presented itself for me to work in a client service role at Beck Bode.

I really like getting to know our clients; it gives me great satisfaction to know that I'm helping someone. I also like the team at Beck Bode and their collaborative approach. The work environment and the people are two big reasons why I am here today. I am a person who wants to understand all the steps of whatever I am doing. You’ll find me asking a million questions – and at Beck Bode I’ve found that people are willing to take the time to teach me, to answer me, and to show me how to grow in my role. I believe the biggest asset I bring is my work ethic. You can count on me to get the job done, whatever it is.

While I’m originally from Syracuse, New York, I really liked living in the Boston area and was looking move here after college. Outside of work, I prefer to spend time outdoors. I follow professional sports, am an avid skier and have traveled extensively throughout Europe.

  • I love football and soccer