Jeff Mccormick

Client Advisor

About Jeff

I guess I’ve never been a ‘follow the crowd’ kind of guy… more of a contrarian, some would say. I believe in paving your own path through life, in thinking critically, and taking responsibility for the present and the future. You can imagine how delighted I was to discover Beck Bode, where this kind of thinking is a way of life.

How conventional firms manage money never quite made sense to me. So many financial products are opaquely designed. The client has no idea what they are buying, or what their fees cover. In my opinion it’s not ethical. In my own portfolio I always bought stocks of individual companies – ones that I had researched carefully. Why would I not want the same for my clients? The Beck Bode strategy is fully transparent. As a client you know exactly what you’re getting. We are also completely independent, which was another reason for me to join this firm. As I think of it, the reasons why I wanted to be associated with Beck Bode as an advisor  align directly with the reasons why a client  would want to invest with us.

At Beck Bode, my practice focuses on helping business owners and their families. Over the course of my life, I’ve owned many businesses in a variety of sectors, ranging from manufacturing to real estate, landscaping, property management, hospitality, and more. I love business and I love working with business owners. They are a special breed! I wish I had engaged a financial advisor years ago when I was in the thick of entrepreneurship; I may have made some different choices with regard to my personal finances. Even so, regardless of whether you are a beginning entrepreneur, or if you’re seasoned and looking toward retirement, it’s never too late to speak with a financial advisor.

When I’m not talking about business I’m actively involved with my family. My wife, Kim, and I have two children. Between all their sports and music, we keep pretty busy. We are involved in our church. I’m a big foodie and a coffee connoisseur. I also love to read when I can.

  • I live in Middleville, Michigan, just a short distance from the beautiful coastline of Lake Michigan

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